About Us

Cantine Armament Incorporated (CAI) was founded in 2000 with the goal of developing advanced, lightweight, high-quality weapon system hardware. Over the years, CAI has designed, developed, and integrated numerous turnkey weapon system solutions for the U.S. military, foreign military allies, and special government organizations. We have also provided detailed training, engineering consultation, integration, and customized support services domestically and internationally. As a result, CAI has been at the forefront of weapon systems design and integration and has built a world-class reputation based on commitment, execution and excellence.

Lightweight Weapons Platforms, Launchers, Gun Mounts and Ammunition Magazines

Working closely with our customers, CAI has developed many state-of-the-art airborne, maritime and ground-based weapon system solutions. Our Advanced Lightweight Weapons Platforms (ALWiP®) can be adapted to numerous types of aircraft. These platforms are available in a variety of materials and configurations for a number of aircraft and are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We also design and manufacture a series of Lightweight Gun Mounts, Launchers and Ammunition Magazines that complete the installation.

Advanced Weapons Management Solutions

CAI’s Modular Weapons Management System can provide power and control for aircraft, vehicle mounted and maritime weapons platforms. Our combat proven Weapons Management System provides the operator a means to manage weapons configurations, program a variety of mission requirements, monitor system performance, and ensure safe operation of all weapons systems.

CAIs Weapons Management System will support numerous weapons stations including the capability to manage and deploy Hellfire missiles, Griffin A and B missiles, Hydra 70mm rockets, GAU-19 .50 Caliber Gatling guns, and 7.62mm M-134 mini-guns. The individual modular system components include the Tactical Stores Unit (TSU), Weapons Management Display, Gun Interface Unit, System Control Panel and Weight-On-Ground / Jettison Panel. All displays and lighted indicators are equipped with brightness and dimming capabilities in order to facilitate both day and night operation.

Strategic Partners

CAI has developed a strong network of highly specialized strategic partners within the defense industry. Through this synergy, we are able to continually improve our products and ultimately help to improve our customers overall effectiveness and ability to meet mission requirements.