Support Services

Field Service Engineering (FSE)

CAI provides worldwide Field Service Engineering. Our experience includes decades of support in the laboratory, live-fire test, and evaluation, challenging deployments, and support of combat operations. This experience has provided us with a unique perspective allowing us to formulate field support strategies that precisely match customer needs.

Specialized Training

CAI has earned a strong reputation in the industry for training ground and air support personnel. We have provided thousands of hours of hands-on training in weapons handling, storage, safety, and use to a wide variety of domestic and international customers. We are permanently staffed with employees in the United States and overseas who are experts in weapons system training and maintenance. Due to our success in field services along with increasing demand for our training services abroad, we will soon open a permanent office in the United Arab Emirates. As our base of operations for this region, CAI will be providing expanded training capabilities and coverage to our valued international customers.

Maintenance Programs

Over the years, CAI has been at the forefront of new and innovative maintenance practices. Our company shares this knowledge through integrated customer training. Our training coupled with custom-designed maintenance programs has been a major contributing factor to the high state of readiness currently retained by our customers.
We are capable of providing comprehensive maintenance training for a wide variety of air, land, and sea based weapon systems. Training programs are custom developed to incorporate relevant information about both supporting and related subsystems, providing the student with an understanding of the complete system. This system based training provides maintenance personnel with the skills required to troubleshoot complex problems, improve maintenance efficiency, and the ability to pass on this knowledge to others.


Mission Systems

CAI-developed mission systems are fully qualified and manage navigation and communication for seamless mission accomplishment

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CAI’s Advanced Lightweight Weapons Platform modular weapons mounting system provides highly configurable weapons platforms to meet diverse customer specifications

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Weapon Management Systems

CAI’s fully qualified weapon management systems provide concise, user friendly communication between the user and onboard weapon systems

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Lightweight Weapons Mounts, Launchers and Ammunition Magazines

CAI’s specialized, lightweight mounting systems accommodate a variety of modern weapons and optimize performance and capacity

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Training & Support

CAI uses custom engineering, field training, and testing and evaluation support to accommodate our customer’s requirements

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Test Equipment and Electronics Accessories

CAI offers a full arrangement of testing equipment and accessories to ensure systems are operational and reliable