Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc.Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. is an engineering and precision sheet metal /CNC manufacturer based in Tucson, AZ. Their facility spans over 150,000 square feet with over 200 employees, working in 26 different departments in a variety of industries.

Phoenix Avionics Systems, LLC is a provider of quality customized Avionics packages with 50+ years combined expertise in specifying, designing, manufacturing, and supporting end-users. In addition, Phoenix Avionics Systems integrates commercial off the shelf SATCOM solutions including Airtime provisioning with expertise dating to the genesis of airborne satellite communication systems.

Blue Force Technologies, Inc.
is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Morrisville, NC who specializes in Aerospace, Defense and Commercial applications and design.


Mission Systems

CAI-developed mission systems are fully qualified and manage navigation and communication for seamless mission accomplishment

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CAI’s Advanced Lightweight Weapons Platform modular weapons mounting system provides highly configurable weapons platforms to meet diverse customer specifications

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Weapon Management Systems

CAI’s fully qualified weapon management systems provide concise, user friendly communication between the user and onboard weapon systems

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Lightweight Weapons Mounts, Launchers and Ammunition Magazines

CAI’s specialized, lightweight mounting systems accommodate a variety of modern weapons and optimize performance and capacity

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Training & Support

CAI uses custom engineering, field training, and testing and evaluation support to accommodate our customer’s requirements

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Test Equipment and Electronics Accessories

CAI offers a full arrangement of testing equipment and accessories to ensure systems are operational and reliable